TrashCon is solving the waste menace by the invention of – The World’s first completely automated Municipal Solid Waste segregation technology – TrashBot. A one-stop solution to segregate any kind of mixed municipal solid waste automatically into Bio-degradable components and Non-Biodegradable components thus enabling Zero Waste. The Bio-degradable is converted to compost, Bio-gas and the Non Bio waste is recycled into reclaimed boards thus providing a complete end to-end Zero Waste System (ZeWS). This system segregates to an efficiency of over 95% and in tons of capacity.

They were recently awarded the contract of an entire airport by the Airport Authority of India to handle Waste management for Chennai Airport. We are also working with some of the biggest corporates like Adani, Pidilite, PWC, ONGC and Municipalities in Ayodhya, Odisha, Coimbatore.

The company had the opportunity to pitch to the Honorable Prime Minister himself. TrashCon is awarded both in India and abroad. To name a few, Top 5 Startups recognized by Israel Embasy, Recipient of Skoch Award (2018), Awarded Woman Startup of the year 2018 by CII, Top 100 Startups funded by Karnataka Government (2017), Top 10 Startups recognized by UNDP, Winner of CISCO Global Problem Solver Challenge (2019), Funded by Shell Petroleum International and incubated at IIM-Bangalore.

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