Go Gaga is a next-generation relationships app, that connects users through their network of friends. Unlike traditional and modern dating apps, GoGaga ensures 100% trustworthy matches and profiles that you make a real connection with. GoGaga brings a fresh concept to the dating world that actually works efficiently converting matches on the app to dates in real life.

At GoGaga, they show users only friends of friends and make the common friend vouch for this connection, to establish trust. GoGaga gives a fun-twist to dating where committed ones can also download and match two single friends. The method is also very relatable to real-life and eliminates fake profiles/bots by the way of the concept itself.

Incubated at NSRCEL, GoGaga was launched in April 2018 on Android and in August 2018, on iOS. They have more than 40,000 users and youngsters who are already loving their product.

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