• Program -Incubation

Incubated at NSRCEL, Nutrimake is a nutrition company that makes complete nutrition products. Under the brand name of Nutrimake they sell meal replacement blends that are packed with every element of nutrition a human body needs. Nutrimake is a wholesome product that is delicious and makes it convenient to get all the nutrients your body needs.

They are a nutritionally complete mealshake company. Just pour it, add water and drink, that’s it! They promise to keep you healthy while being affordable. Approved by doctors, nutritionists, and food scientists, and many many customers who use it on a daily basis, Nutrimake is the fastest and the healthiest meal that exists.


  • Program -Incubation

Incubated at NSRCEL, Selvitate functions as an integrated platform working on both a SaaS model as well as an operational model to help MSMEs improve sales and after-support. Selvitate is an end-to-end e-commerce solution that helps you start selling online.

Selvitate represents a new era of e-commerce by helping micro, small, medium enterprises and offline retailers to sell products online. They have great expertise in catalog creation, inventory management, product photography, selling on multiple marketplaces, promotions/advertisements, managing customer feedback.

Stoned Santa

  • Program -Incubation

The idea of Stoned Santa was born when founder, Shashank was looking for gifting ideas for his parents 25th Anniversary, and since he wasn’t able to find some unique ideas, the thought of connecting artists to like-minded individuals who were looking for unique ideas for gifts struck him.

Stoned Santa is a platform for artists and creators to help them earn and get recognized for their work by creating Unique Art for various purposes such as Gifting, Decor and more. They offer unique ideas which will be handcrafted by their highly skilled team of artists to create rustic art which can be custom designed suiting your requirements and design ideas.

With the support of NSRCEL and seeking the guidance of the mentors and utilizing the great network, the company is bootstrapped and has served 5000 customers in 3 years of their operations


  • Program -Incubation

GaragePlug is a cloud-based easy-to-use software for 2 & 4-wheeler service centres to grow & manage their businesses. They provide world-class end to end digital platform for Garages that helps them to become the best Garage in their area by efficiently managing and growing their business. It is simple yet effective and can be used from any device i.e. smartphone, tablet or desktop.

They help you create repair orders, counter sales bills and invoices for parts, set service reminders and receive feedback from the customers. They can also help you manage your inventory and accounting as well.

With the support of mentors at NSRCEL, they have 1000’s of users present in 10+ countries, majorly in UAE and India and growing at a rapid pace.

Dabble PlayArt

The idea of Dabble was born when as mothers, founders, Karen and Neha could not find safe art products for their children while training in Expressive arts helped the founders discover products for free expression. Dabble introduced the category of PlayArt, encourage children to think & colour outside the lines.

Its latest offerings include crayons, made from Eco certified Organic Beeswax and Coconut oil in a box of unique shapes that inspire ideas and stories along with finger paints also made from toxin free ingredients, contains coconut and sweet orange oil, perfect for sensory and colour exploration without a paint brush.

As moms, the founders personally develop each product with support from a team of industry-reputed scientists and food technologists and all our products are tested by a NABL Certified Lab.

Incubated at NSRCEL, Dabble Playart workshops have impacted more than 200 children and their parents to create awareness on how art leads to cognitive, social and emotional development of a child in their early years.

Go Gaga

  • Program -Incubation

Go Gaga is a next-generation relationships app, that connects users through their network of friends. Unlike traditional and modern dating apps, GoGaga ensures 100% trustworthy matches and profiles that you make a real connection with. GoGaga brings a fresh concept to the dating world that actually works efficiently converting matches on the app to dates in real life.

At GoGaga, they show users only friends of friends and make the common friend vouch for this connection, to establish trust. GoGaga gives a fun-twist to dating where committed ones can also download and match two single friends. The method is also very relatable to real-life and eliminates fake profiles/bots by the way of the concept itself.

Incubated at NSRCEL, GoGaga was launched in April 2018 on Android and in August 2018, on iOS. They have more than 40,000 users and youngsters who are already loving their product.


Econut Coconut Producer company is a farmer producer Organization formed with the sole intention of rural empowerment at the grass root level. It is a farmer owned company with every farmer associated with it, a proud shareholder of the company.

Econut is currently incubating in NSRCEL IIM Bangalore and it is the first Farmer Producer Organization to be incubated in a prestigious institution such as this. Econut was selected as top five from over 650 applications across the country. NSRCEL IIM Bangalore has helped scale up the operations of Econut and with its mentors have been able to guide Econut in a more efficient way of operations which proportionally increases the social impact.

With ensured high price to the farmers and providing green collar jobs to their next of kin, Econut has been able to grab the attention of 1047 farmers in its span of operations in just two years. Econut currently employs 35 rural youth and 2 MSc Agri grads who constantly support the farmer in all the technology related aspects. Econut has been able to increase per farmer income by 20 percent annually.

Econut has been in the top 10 list of farmer producer organizations in the A Grade range as per NABARD valuations. Econut has been recommended by Small Farmer Agri Consortium (SFAC-New Delhi) as one of the few Farmer Producer Organizations which can be funded by any banks and the collateral would be covered by SFAC.

With the support of NSRCEL IIM Bangalore and its mentors, Econut plans to expand its operations in Bangalore with a total of 100 Kiosks set up in Bangalore and slowly move to other cities and ultimately achieve pan India presence.

Fabric Monde

Fabric Monde was born out of the idea to cater to the demand and love of the urban markets towards the indigenous handloom products. Evolved from there, today we support and enable fashion brands to source sustainable fabrics and get inspired by the traditional and local art forms of India.

They are known in the industry for their 3Qs- Quality, Quantity, and Quick delivery which is uncommon in the handcrafted space. Handmade fabrics should dictate its respect from its finest human touch it can get.

Incubated at NSRCEL, Fabric Monde was awarded ‘Best Start up Award 2019’ by Rotary Club of Bangalore and achieved a spot in the top 5 & a grant of 4 Lakhs in the Smart Fifty – Solutions to Transform India. The company was also recognised by Textiles Fair India for our impact on the Handloom space and was selected as one of the Top 10 ventures in Social Venture Challenge(SVC) conducted by Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) national competition.


TrashCon is solving the waste menace by the invention of – The World’s first completely automated Municipal Solid Waste segregation technology – TrashBot. A one-stop solution to segregate any kind of mixed municipal solid waste automatically into Bio-degradable components and Non-Biodegradable components thus enabling Zero Waste. The Bio-degradable is converted to compost, Bio-gas and the Non Bio waste is recycled into reclaimed boards thus providing a complete end to-end Zero Waste System (ZeWS). This system segregates to an efficiency of over 95% and in tons of capacity.

They were recently awarded the contract of an entire airport by the Airport Authority of India to handle Waste management for Chennai Airport. We are also working with some of the biggest corporates like Adani, Pidilite, PWC, ONGC and Municipalities in Ayodhya, Odisha, Coimbatore.

The company had the opportunity to pitch to the Honorable Prime Minister himself. TrashCon is awarded both in India and abroad. To name a few, Top 5 Startups recognized by Israel Embasy, Recipient of Skoch Award (2018), Awarded Woman Startup of the year 2018 by CII, Top 100 Startups funded by Karnataka Government (2017), Top 10 Startups recognized by UNDP, Winner of CISCO Global Problem Solver Challenge (2019), Funded by Shell Petroleum International and incubated at IIM-Bangalore.