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We structure the entrepreneurial journey into three parts of what, how, and who. The set of articles collated under the What section explores various aspects of the entrepreneurs’ idea. It attempts to structure the idea better and help the entrepreneur ground the idea. In the How section – we move ahead to present the various learnings we have had from observing numerous start-ups in execution. Entrepreneurs are better off involving different people from their environment, who could help in the venture building and should explicitly look to include them in their thought process. Finally, in the Who section, we detail aspects relevant to the individual, which need to be understood better. In every section, we leave the reader with a set of questions that help to think through and navigate their journey.

What to expect?/ Who it is for?

This book is aimed at aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs. Based on the relatively long stint in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in various roles, Sachidananda sheds light on numerous facets of the entrepreneurial journey. Unlike many books, this one does not share a highly personal picture of the entrepreneurs and their venture; nor provides a normative way to build a venture. Instead, the book is an independent collection of short articles.

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Each article could be read independently. We end each article with a set of questions, more as pointers, to think through; in a manner that you (as an entrepreneur) have to choose on these aspects.
With these questions, we hope to help entrepreneurs get better clarity in their journey.

About the Author

Sachidananda B. S. is currently a faculty in the Strategic Management area at the Indian Institute of Management Indore (IIMI). He completed his doctoral research and masters at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB). His dissertation research examined the nascent phase of entrepreneurship and the evolution of venture ideas. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering from NITK Surathkal.
In addition to researching entrepreneurship academically, he also engages actively with the practice of entrepreneurship. For over a decade, he has been involved with entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in various capacities. His first venture was an educational service firm. Later, he founded a consulting firm to work on SMEs and developed an appreciation for SME entrepreneurs’ challenges. He then worked as the Manager-Operations at NSRCEL. There, he got a chance to work closely with several entrepreneurs and developed an appreciation of the Incubators’ role. Building on this prior experience and the academic understanding gained during the Ph.D. program, he worked closely with NSRCEL in designing multiple programs like Launchpad, Women Startup Program and IICDC. He has also conducted numerous workshop based sessions for entrepreneurs across different domains and growth stages.