Tarkeybein Education Foundation

Tarkeybein Education Foundation

Founder: Akanksha

Background: Engineering, Development Studies; 5 years of work experience in social sector and 9 nears in other sectors

Tarkeybein works towards bringing systemic reforms in public education system, using a navigated learning approach to build capabilities.

Learn more: tarkeybein.org

The Solution Tarkebein aims to build autonomy and accountability within the public education system, to help improve learning outcomes and empower teachers to shift from rote-based learning to conceptual understanding. They run three key programs - I Can Read, World of Possibilities and Quality Learning Initiative. “I can Read” uses simple, visual content to help build reading skills in early grades. The “Quality Learning Initiative” builds cluster-level academic platforms for primary/upper primary government schools to maximise learning outcomes. The “World of Possibilities” helps young adults develop self-awareness and explore their relationship with the world around them.

Areas of Focus: Education, Training, Youth Empowerment

Geographical Reach: Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Karnataka

  • 6000 children impacted
  • 30 schools enabled
  • 60 teachers engaged