Suicide Prevention India Foundation

Suicide Prevention India Foundation

Founder: Nelson Vinod Moses

Background: Masters in Journalism; Journalist; Editor at Social Story; Fellow at Your Dost

Suicide Prevention India Foundation (SPIF) is a community based platform for creating awareness, promoting self-care and providing training towards suicide prevention.

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The Solution
SPIF’s mission is to reduce suicides through awareness building and leveraging the power of the community. They leverage the WHO-recommended suicide prevention strategy, called Gatekeeper training, which teaches mental health professionals, laypersons, students, and others to recognize warning signs, respond with care and concern, persuade the person to get help and refer them to a mental health professional. Their training programs are provided both online and offline and customized to schools, colleges and corporations.

Areas of Focus Awareness, Action and Research in Suicide Prevention

Geographical Reach: Bengaluru, Manipal, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi

  • 954 Gatekeepers trained
  • 6 cities covered
  • 8 colleges covered
Achievements 100+ media mentions; 1.1 billion Tik-tok views on channel #yourlifematters

*As of April 2020