Souramandala Foundation

Souramandala Foundation

Founder: Nagakarthik MP

Background: Engineer with 6 years of work experience; teacher/volunteer at Haji Public School, Breswana, Kashmir.
Souramandala Foundation focuses on transforming the lives of people living in remote and disconnected communities through accelerating social and economic change.

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The Solution
Souramandala focuses on addressing developmental challenges at the grassroots level through building a sustainable, scalable and inclusive village transformation model to improve the development indicators of those living in India’s most remote, rural locations. They adopt a collaborative, data-based and holistic approach to transforming underdeveloped rural communituies through activities like nurturing village enterprises, providing access to energy and capacity building of schools.

Areas of Focus Education, Livelihood and Energy Access

Geographical Reach: Kashmir, Meghalaya, Assam and Manipur

  • 5 communities across 4 States impacted
  • 8 remote schools provided electricity, impacting 1500 students
  • 70 teachers trained in remote schools
  • 120 women trained as Beekeepers
Achievements Best Documentary Film at Pune International Short Film Festival

*As of April 2020