Shevalues-Adding value

Shevalues-Adding value is an AI based Job recommendation platform to accelerate women’s careers in India by enabling them to upskill, reskill and newskill in their careers. We are adding value to women job seekers by helping them to be Job ready Candidates from day 1. What are the unique value propositions we are adding to streamline the process in the much faster way? AI enabled job recommendation tool- (Currently in Beta phase). Mandatory Psychometric Tests Robust Candidates Assessment. In-built options to verify KYC. Advance features to align the resumes directly to your ATS. Dedicated company page to Brand your Diversity and Inclusion values of the companies. 10 Lacs data of woman job seekers with a mix of all relevant emerging tech data such as Fintech, ecommerce, B2B payment, fintech. Pan-India. Cost effective 6.25% on permanent hiring and on-demand supply options available on Fixed cost.