Inqui-Lab Foundation

Inqui-Lab Foundation

Founders: Eshwar Bandi, Vivek Pidempally and Sahithya Anumolu

Background: Worked in the corporate sector as Engineers and Teach for India Fellows

Inqui-Lab is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of grassroots problem-solvers, who can contribute meaningfully to their communities.

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The Solution Inqui-Lab focuses on nurturing the problem-solving capacity in the next-generation, through inculcating key skills and attitudes such as design thinking, creative confidence, risk taking, empathy, collaboration and teamwork. Through ‘Think and Make’ program, they seek to build a culture of innovation and design thinking in the school system through a 5-step innovation process that guides student teams from problem to idea, plan and prototype. This program is currently deployed in over 20 government and budget private schools.

Areas of Focus Education; Child and Youth Development

Geographical Reach: Hyderabad, Telangana, and Bengaluru, Karnataka

  • 40+ schools covered across 2 cities
  • 109 teachers trained
  • 3000+ students intervened
  • 1000+ prototypes created by students
  • ‘Problem-solving and Innovation’ as subject introduced for 1200 students of 8th grade

Achievements Designed an innovation program in collaboration with Telangana State Innovation Cell for rural, government school students; Knowledge Partner for designing Innovation Challenge in Telangana in collaboration with UNICEF.

*As of March 2020