Bridges of Sports Foundation

Bridges of Sports Foundation

Founder: Nitish Chiniwar

Background: 4 years of work experience with an Engineering background
The organisation implements structured grassroots training programs for children from the tribal and underserved communities to develop their untapped sporting potential.

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The Solution: Bridges of Sports provides children from tribal and underserved communities the necessary support to develop their skills in athletics. They have developed a centre of excellence in Mungod, North Karnataka, to identify, train and bring children closer to their Olympic dream. Children also have access to education, nutritional support and training in sports science. Apart from training coaches, they have certified coaches and sports scientists by International Association of Athletics Federations.
Geographical Reach: Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka

  • 2500 children reached, mostly from tribal and underserved communities
  • 20 athletes being trained in Mungod centre, with 40 more identified
  • 23 coaches trained

  • Joined the Indian Delegation to Africa, ‘Here we reach Uganda’, after the historic first visit by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Rwanda
  • Field trips to Kenya and Jamaica to study international coaching methodologies
  • Documentary featured on BBC