Blink Research and Services Pvt Ltd

Blink Research and Services Pvt Ltd

Founder: Arun Fernandez

Background: MBA, pursuing PhD in SLD Intervention; 10+ years sector experience.

BLINK improves the learning outcomes of children with Specific Learning Difficulties (SLD) through multi-sensorial learning and assistive technology.

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The Solution
BLINK supports children with SLD to cope with the existing education system through early identification, empathy and providing them the skills needed. Extra classes and alternative ways of teaching combined with multi-sensorial learning techniques and specialized strategies help these children excel in their academics.
BLINK focuses on early intervention of children, while also sensitizing and raising awareness among the parents and teachers about their unique learning needs.

Areas of Focus Livelihood; Education.

Geographical Reach: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

  • 7 schools intervened
  • Intervention Labs set up in 4 schools
  • 240 students provided remedial intervention

Achievements Dr. Himanshu Das, Direct of NIEPMD has agreed to validate the BLINK screening tool and become a co-owner.