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One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination. – John C Maxwell

Being an entrepreneur, one might feel that their vision is clouded, and the path ahead might seem blurry. Remember, someone before you have threaded the same paths, been there, done it, made the same mistakes and still gone ahead. The NSRCEL Social team got a pool of extraordinary mentors who guide, listen and help the incubatees see ahead. Sharing the experiences of mentorship, entrepreneurship and the journey so far.

Naghma Mulla (COO EdelGive Foundation)

A Chartered Accountant by profession, Naghma works towards creating and maintaining a sustainable philanthropy network to support the EdelGive investee portfolio with the funder community. She is responsible for and heads the three divisions at EdelGive, namely Investment and Programmes, Fundraising and Partnerships and Employee Engagement Programme. She serves as the director of Railway Children India.

Rajiv Kuchhal (Angel Investor)

General partner at Exfinity fund, Rajiv has spent more than two decades in the IT/BPO industry, mainly with the Infosys group. He led Infosys's foray into the telecom and product engineering services space in the early 90s. Founding team member of Progeon (now Infosys BPO). He became one of the youngest Business Head and Management Council members at Infosys. He was the Chief Operating Officer of OnMobile.

Samina Bano (Founder & Director, RightWalk Foundation | Ashoka Fellow)

Samina is building an inclusive and accountable education system, opening up access for children to an equitable education irrespective of socio-economic status. To do this Samina is building a movement of students, parents, teachers, school administrators, and government officials who are demanding an inclusive education system through policy and implementing it through accountability mechanisms.

Sourav Mukherji (Chair-Centre for Teaching & Learning, IIMB)

Sourav Mukherji teaches postgraduate and doctoral level courses at IIM Bangalore. He has worked with IBM and Oracle in product management functions and for the Boston Consulting Group as a strategy consultant. His research interest is inclusivity and social enterprises - businesses that address the needs of the poor in a financially sustainable manner. He also received UNDP Fellowship for Research in Inclusive Business Models and Villgrow Fellowship for Research on Social Entrepreneurship.

Dr. Archana Pillai (Social Impact Consultant)

Dr. Archana Pillai mentors social enterprises in impact assessment, also helps to design social impact metrics for social start-ups; She was also Senior Project Scientist at IIT Kanpur where her work involved developing case studies and doing primary research with social sector organizations namely social enterprises, NGOs and other similar organizations. Also, in the area of Social Audits.

Naga(raja) Prakasam (Angel Investor)

Nagaraja Prakasam is a full-time angel investor who has invested in 16 start-ups and seen three exits. He has spearheaded Impact thinking in Indian Angel Network and co-founded IANImpact. A partner at Acumen Fund, a New York-based $100M impact-venture fund, he serves as an independent director in one of its portfolio company. In addition, he directs boards in Uniphore Software Systems, GoCoop - Social Marketplace, Saahas Zero Waste, FreshWorld, Lumiere Organic, SP ROBOTIC WORKS Pvt. Ltd and is a board observer at Happy Hens Farm.

Dipesh Sutariya (Co-founder and CEO of EnAble India)

Enable India is a non-profit organization that has been working for the economic independence and dignity of persons with disability across India, since 1999. Dipesh is transforming attitudes towards the employment of people with disability through a growing group of professionals with disability who meet the needs of the corporate sector and who dispel the myths and stereotypes about hiring persons with disability.

Rajesh Navaneetham (Director at DELL & Angel Investor)

Rajesh has over 20 years of experience managing software engineering teams engaged in all aspects of product development. Recently, he has moved to manage service delivery teams for a new business started by Dell called Application Modernization Services. Currently, he is the Site Leader for Dell’s Whitefield office and is the India leader for its Application Modernization Service Delivery teams. Rajesh is the founder trustee of Young India Educational Trust (engaged in bringing deserving children out of poverty by empowering them with education)

(MentorMinds Social is a pilot project that is a platform for mentors from all spheres to share their experience as mentors to many vibrant incubatees at NSRCEL Social and portray their journey with the incubation programme at NSRCEL Social, IIMB)

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