Product Description

StumbleUpon re-imagines alphabet learning by getting children to play with letters. This book is guided by research on reading from across the world.It helps children decode letters faster and ensures that they grasp the alphabetic principle with ease. Each alphabet in any language is nothing but a pattern. When we learn a new language, we learn to recognize these patterns and make meaning. For young children, learning alphabets becomes a process of rote-learning. Patterns are abstract and by giving them a character and story, we make them concrete and thereby easier for the children to remember and grasp. Children can play with these patterns and once they are familiar with them, they can learn to associate the shared meanings. Their familiarity with the alphabet patterns is nurtured by building connections. Building connections activates neurons in the mind and helps in the cognitive development of the child. In children’s first steps of engagement with language learning, this book fosters their creativity and imagination, building their confidence to express without fear.

Special Features of the Product

  1. Each alphabet pattern and sound has been visually mapped to an object. The child is able to remember the object and the pattern by building a connection between them.
  2. The book blends Phonic Learning with the Whole Language Approach. The activities engage children to understand the English language with context and meaning.
  3. The book provides children with triggers to build their creativity and use their imagination. It gives them confidence to express their ideas without any fear of right and wrong answers.

Recent Projects and Users

Name of the Project: Teacher Collective

Name of the Partner: Government schools in Khekra

We started two years ago with a mission of designing contextual content for primary school children. We soon hit a roadblock in the implementation because the teachers were unable to take ownership of our content. And we all know ownership is the secret sauce in any successful change story. We took a step back to understand the obstacle for teachers in designing and implementing contextual learning content in their classrooms. It was beautiful to listen to teachers deeply, move beyond their anger and frustrations, to reach the realization that we share the same vision for all children growing up to be responsible and caring beings.We understood that “Teachers know everything”, just the belief that they can be the change gets buried deep down in a hierarchical bureaucratic structure. Teachers need to be heard, they need a space where they can come together and reflect on their work. For teachers to be able to create learning environments in which students can thrive, we need to give them both time and space to explore, experiment, fail, reflect, learn and relearn in their schooling journey. We hold beautiful circles with teachers from government schools at regular intervals, and give them a conducive space to think, express and reflect. We work with these teachers deeply and accompany them in their classrooms to support them in improving the learning outcomes for all children in their schools.

We co-create solutions for classrooms with the teachers in the driving seat. They think, they create, they implement. We only support!

About Tarkeybein Education Foundation

Our mission is to create witty solutions for complexproblems around learning challenges.

Vision of the Organization

Our vision is to strive for a world where everyone has realized their highest potential.

Uniqueness of the Oganization

We implement solutions towards improving public education system by building autonomy and accountability at middle and ground team level. We not only offer products and services, but are on ground working with 20+ government schools to encourage both students and teachers to operate at their highest potential. Our products are co-created with children and teachers. Design thinking guides our product design, and relevance and sustainability is our goal.

Why Us?

The work we are engaging in is a slow story movement, where a lot of time and immense efforts are going in to bring about small, but significant changes. To ensure that we see our movement through, we need a strong, resourceful and sustaining support system by our side, so that the work on the field can go on without any pauses!

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