Eight power packed social ventures across India are being enlightened to dream higher and reach for the stars to make an impact, be Change Makers who transform our country’s most heated social issues.

NSRCEL Social has made this voyage smoother for these 8 ventures through continuous mentorship, funding and other support that has evolved them to progress better and dream higher. These co-founders got stories to tell about how this incubation space in IIM Bangalore has helped them so far on their journey.


A guardian angel indeed to millions of orphan kids in India, a group of young minds including Gloria Benny are transforming childcare across orphanages by providing adequate infrastructure and also by working on aftercare transition.


“NSRCEL Social has provided a unique opportunity for us, being a two and a half-year-old organization; it has sped up our program in the last six months. The support from the faculty of a premier institution like IIM Bangalore has helped us shape our articulation and narrative, paving way for us to grow.”

Gloria Benny, Guardian of Dreams


Two women set out to help youngsters face the heat of the workplace today by enabling them to develop life skills that would better prepare them for today’s job market. They believe that everyone has potential to be heroes, but need the right training and skills to get there. This is what Superheros Incorporated provides to our youngsters in India.

Superheros incorporated

“NSRCEL has been able to add a lot of value to our journey and created an ecosystem of sharing and learning among other incubates. Also, the networking opportunities NSRCEL provides is immense. This really improves one’s market presence”

Ashwini Krishnaprasad, Superheros Incorporated


Driven with a passion to reach out to bridge gaps of education and digital illiteracy, Shravan and his friend Aditya started i-Saksham, to make youngsters capable of their own development and share those developments with their peers. Actively working across 50 villages of Bihar, they are making waves by creating digital educators.


“Organizations like i-Saksham, working in the naxal affected area, do not get the opportunity to go and engage with different organizations and individuals working in similar lines. NSRCEL has helped us getting a platform to engage with organizations and people working in the same space.”

Shravan Jha, i-Saksham.


The duo, Santosh and Khushboo are bring in quality education to existing schools that lack resources and proper guidance. They started many intervention programmes to empower schools, communities and students.


“It has an amazing pool of cohort with peer learning and everyday interaction. NSRCEL Social has provided the environment to come together, interact and learn from each other. Also, the bunch of eclectic mentors, experts, whom we can reach any time for specific or generic issues, has helped us immensely. Lastly, the credibility and visibility that NSRCEL provides have helped us immensely to showcase our efforts."

Khushboo Awasthi, Mantra4Change.


An IIM graduate, Seemant and his friend Ghazal, a Harvard graduate realised that the problems of education cannot be resolved by focusing on the children alone but also understanding the issues faced by their parents. Meraki, an organisation founded by them, is empowering these parents to dream sky high for their kids. A parent plays a crucial role in a child’s life. By providing proper healthcare at home, a child can strive to perform better. Meraki strives to empower these needy parents for their first generation learners.


“NSRCEL has not just provided us with a stimulating environment but also has enabled strategic partnership. It has increased visibility for Meraki as well as sharpened the focus of our intervention.”

Seemant Dadwal, Meraki.


Tarkeybein runs with a mission to enable 5 million disadvantaged young learners with grade appropriate reading skills and positive self-esteem by providing them with contextual learning tools by 2025


“It has been a great learning experience for us to meet different people in the cohort and also, learn from the professors, different aspects of communication, strategic business and financial planning which is very important for a young start-up.”

Akansha Agarwal, Tarkeybein.


Bridges of Sports empowers and integrates undeserved communities through the sports ecosystem. This Bengaluru-based non-profit startup founded by Nitish M Chiniwar, provides children from backward communities have a career in sports.


“NSRCEL has helped us to become more efficient in our implementation. We are working on a research to measure the impact of sports on the community. NSRCEL Social has been a huge catalyst in promoting such studies otherwise uncommon in India.”

Nitish M Chiniwar, Bridges of Sports.


A group of IITians are creating playground out of scrap tyres for needy kids across the country. Anthill Creations build low cost playgrounds from recyclable materials like tyres expanding a child’s space to play and grow. Underprivileged children across India lack access to safe playgrounds. This start up not only fills the gaps but sprout dreams of thousands of children across our country.

Anthill Creations

“Nobody can teach you how to become an entrepreneur. NSRCEL created a space and network of mentors, peer groups which created opportunities for us to thrive.”

Pooja Rai, Anthill Creations
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Angela Anna Anish
Content writer
NSRCEL Social, IIM Bangalore
(Source: Aparna Sanjay –Head of IIMB NSRCEL Social Incubation)