Product Description

It is a school bag with an in-built table. It is designed for students who lack basic study infrastructure such as tables at schools and/or at homes. This is designed for students who study hunched-back by sitting on the floor due to lack of proper infrastructure at home or school. Sitting for long hours in hunched-back position has a major negative effect on child's health where both back and eye get strained. It is difficult for them to concentrate on studies and also results in poor hand writing.

DESKIT is a writing companion with detachable table for students to aid in comfortable writing and to assist in maintaining a proper body posture.

DESKIT school bag also motivates students to attend school sincerely, thereby shaping a bright future for them.

Special Features of the Product

DESKIT is a unique combination of a lightweight school bag and an ergonomic, fold-able, light weight, portable and detachable table. It can be both used at home and/or school. It can also be adjusted at two heights and has space to keep Tiffin box and water bottle.

Recent Projects and Users

Name of the Project:TSWREIS Telengana

Name of the Partner: Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society

Our aim is to take DESKIT school bags to children of Residential Schools run by Government of Telengana and help them study comfortably by sitting in a proper posture. This bag not only solves the health problems like neck and back pain and strain in eyes, faced by the children due to lack of infrastructural facilities but also motivates them to attend school sincerely! This product is useful to the students in both school and hostel.

DESKIT height can be adjusted at 2 different levels as per the student’s height requirements. Also, the study table can be detached from the school bag easily for better use of the product.

About PROSOC Innovators Pvt. Ltd.

PROSOC Innovators Pvt. Ltd. is a for-profit social enterprise, intending to design and develop innovative products and services of social importance to empower people at the bottom of the pyramid. PROSOC stands for PROducts for SOCiety.

Vision of the Organization

Our vision is to empower people to live better lives by designing and developing products of social importance.

Why Us?

We are a social enterprise. We Design and Develop Products of Social Impact. Our first product is DESKIT. The parents of under privileged children for whom we have innovated DESKITs are not financially sound enough to buy DESKITs for their children. So we go for indirect marketing and seek support from funding partners such as Governments, CSR Initiatives of companies or NGOs to sponsor DESKITs to the needy students. Thus in order to solve the problem of AFFORDABILITY we seek collaboration. We have reached out to nearly 45,000 beneficiaries across 12 states of our country.

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