Are you someone looking for expert guidance in the space of social impact, AI, ML, and tech? Meet Mohib Sheth – technologist, futurist, and now, a mentor at NSRCEL who can help you with just that! 

With a decade of experience in application development, Mohib combines his product management expertise with his experience in the startup ecosystem to execute product ideas.  

Being passionate about technology and the various opportunities it has to offer; Mohib looks to encourage startups to explore the avenues of Artificial Intelligence and revolutionize their work. 

Mohib currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer at Cynapto Technologies, a computer vision startup that brings intelligent vision to all machines. 

Through this work at Cynapto Technologies, Mohib leads strategy, design, product management, and operational processes that result in the delivery of highly polished value-driven products. Cynapto creates intelligent machines with sensory capabilities that can transform daily life for people that augment the way we live, work, study, and play.  

Mohib is also very passionate about Precog, an artificial intelligence computer vision-based platform that helps businesses augment surveillance infrastructure for business intelligence. 

We welcome Mohib to NSRCEL and look forward to a great association with him! 

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