Parking in a Box
Parking Management | B2B2C | Bangalore
IoT and AI/ML enabled parking solutions firm

Smart parking management connected to various stakeholders like public transport stations, residential buildings, On-Street parking, operators and end users in real time.

ValetEZ is an IoT and AI/ML enabled parking and mobility solutions venture with a vision of making parking efficient and easy. Our goal is to help users connect with digitized parking spaces and to find, reserve and et assistance for parking reliably. While using parking, they can also access a range of hyperlocal services (e.g., bike servicing, EV charging etc.). To digitize parking inventory, we have developed a parking management system that runs on cloud and IoT controllers which connect different types of parkin hardware (including legacy hardware) to the cloud.

The system enables access management, ticketing, fare management and analytics for parkin owners/operators. For users, our (pronounced ‘easy app’) enables rapid check-in/check-out, real time insights on parkin availability, and hyperlocal services.