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Redefining Mobility for Disability
Assistive Technology for Mobility | B2B & B2C | Bangalore

True Assistive Technology is enabling disability inclusion for people with partial, limited or reduced mobility through assistive technology. TRUE AssisTech is passionate about creating well-engineered, tested, and cost- effective products for disability inclusion. TurnPlus, the first True AssisTech product is patent pending and enhances mobility for People with disabilities (PwDs). True AssisTech products are standardized and available for order across India and Asian countries. The range of products for disability inclusion are in pipeline. Products for mobility like lightweight ramps, the next generation of TurnPlus, products for home care, etc.

The first solution TurnPlus, launched in the second half of 2017, is an award winning, patent pending, easy to install, swivel seat mechanism for cars, which addresses a very important aspect of easy commute for the differently abled, thus creating an inclusive ecosystem. It is designed to improve the quality of travel and life by making car travel easy for people with multiple medical conditions.