Warehouse Outbound Shipping Automation for Medium and Large Enterprise & OEM Spare
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Integrated Multi Carrier & cloud-based shipping solution, warehouse management system with services like Shipping, Rates, Labels, Digital LR Copy Tracking & ePOD to eliminate manual efforts.

eShipz is a Smart Automated Enterprise Shipping that provides supply chain visibility by tracking the shipments for Small and Medium Enterprises. The start-up’s works as a plus and play model and therefore helps SMEs by Inte rating with their delivery channels. The dashboard gives a snapshot of fulfilled orders and those in transit, and the courier companies that the SME is working with for each.

The startup operates on two models, one being the SaaS model where it charges businesses depending on a per label/request created through its solution. The fee is subscription based that ranges from quarterly to annual. In the second model, eShipz charges on the total saving for an enterprise while using its courier services.