DST-SSS Funded

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Onus Payments Pvt Ltd Onus provides cashless payments in closed economies like campuses, schools etc. where the payments are faster, secure and easier to handle. Onus has been started and supported by professionals with considerable experience in the payment industry in India. G.G. Srinivas: gg.srinivas@onuspayments.com
Hariharan: hariharan@onuspayments.com
Actwitty Software Systems Pvt Ltd Actwitty was founded with the aim of creating a service to connect a user’s multiple online personas existing on different platforms, social networks and websites.

Actwitty helps businesses to improve their online customer experience and engage with customers by near zero effort made by businesses. Actwitty platform does so by providing a new way to collect the web analytic for websites and linking the analytic to social media profiles of the customers of the business. Unlike other analytic platforms which need manual interventions to the intelligence collected on analytics, Actwitty can latch actions to the triggers generated by analytic. Businesses have to just set a recommended rule and Actwitty does the rest.

Actwitty improves the customer retention and an overall increase in the time spent by customers on the business website.

Sudhanshu Saxena: sudhanshu@actwitty.com
Alok Srivastava: alok@actwitty.com
BinBag (FabShop) Binbag provides end-to-end waste recycling from collection to compliance saving valuable time and money in meeting recycling objectives. E-waste, Plastic, Paper – etc.

Binbag provides trusted and legally compliant recycling service to bulk generators like apartment societies, small enterprises and communities to help them manage their waste streams responsibly.

Achitra Borgohain: achitra@getbinbag.com
SPEC SPEC develops a Hardware called “Wireless Freedom” (“Wireless Chargers”) which is used on mobiles, tablets and other like devices, and which shall provide its customers information regarding various facilities available on highways in India. Ashwin Mohan Gautham: ashwin.gautham@specinvent.com
Tech Tailor The Company is engaged inter-alia, in the business of conceptualizing, designing, creating, building and developing technology solutions for the purpose of marketing and sale of all types of tailored wear and bespoke products and services. Premjeet: premjeetsingh@tech-tailor.com
Tweak Skills An educational and recruitment (End to End) solutions from Tweak Skills Pvt ltd. Offers skills on demand solutions. Mission is to bridge the growing demand supply gap for skilled workforce in core engineering sector. Anirban Chatterjee: 4anirbanchatterjee@gmail.com
MedCync MedCync is a chronic condition management platform that addresses medical and non-medical issues leveraging social communities and enhanced care team engagement to deliver integrated closed loop care. Sachin Mahishi: sachin.mahishi@medcync.com
Anupama Gangavati: anupamagangavati@gmail.com
Soumya Reddy: soumya.reddy@medcync.com
Mage Thimappa: venurajumagge@gmail.com
Jivabhumi JivaBhumi is engaged inter-alia, in the business of providing healthy, affordable, locally sourced, naturally grown, sustainable and safe food without the use of synthetic fertilizers and harmful pesticides. Also, to provide farmers more value for their produce by connecting farmers and conscious consumers and to build a community based model for supply and distribution. Anil Nadig: anilnadig@gmail.com
Laxminarayan: Laxminarayan@gmail.com
HarvestWild Harvest Wild is a social enterprise that works with rural and tribal communities in India and seeks to improve their livelihood opportunities through commercialization of forest products. Harvest Wild’s first product is a brand of laundry detergent- BubbleNut Wash, made from soapnuts that are available in abundance in rural India but usually rot on forest floor. BubbleNut Wash presents consumers across the world with a 100 percent natural and organic option for laundries. BubbleNut Wash scores over conventional detergents that are harsh on skin as well as pollute the environment and is being currently marketed in UK, Russia and India. Manas Nanda: manas.nanda@gmail.com
Tenxer Technologies Problem Statement
– Semiconductor companies spend a lot of time and money in creating the Applications for the reference designs for their Integrated Circuits
– Software ecosystem with generic Reference designs and hardware platforms has been very basic for too long. For example – Task prioritization using a general purpose OS isn’t a regular feature.Solution
– TenXer Technologies is working towards a Plug & Play Device to solve the above stated problems. Significant development efforts have been put in since the incubation at NSRCEL, IIM-B.
– The Device – “Blaze” acts an interface between a PC (through USB / WiFi) to other hardware components / sub-systems through I2C and SPI protocols.
– The unique differentiator of this product is thea Powerful Software ecosystem (Software Development Kit) that saves as much as 60% – 80% of the application development time of an electronic system.
– The hardware and software combination is designed such that it provides real time response which is very complex to implement in general purpose operating systems like Linux and Microsoft Windows.
Sridhar Joshi: Sridhar.b.joshi@gmail.com
Skillfinity Technologies The Company is engaged inter-alia, in the business of software design and development, innovative mobile application designs and development, Information technology and IT enabled services, software solutions, networking, consulting etc. Deepak Hebbur: deepakrhebbur@gmail.com
Fabric Monde Marketing Pvt Ltd The Incubatee has developed a business model which works with weaver cooperatives who produce handloom products and connects them to large brands and urban markets. Our intervention is in terms of product innovation, design and supply chain efficiency. D. Jyothirmayi: j.dakkumalla@gmail.com
Trashcon Labs The Incubatee has developed an automated machine that can segregate mixed municipal solid waste into biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste thereby generating value by selling the machines and waste generated. Nivedha RM: director@trashcon.in
Ambient Motion Pvt Ltd Penbound is a digital publishing platform for serialised content. It’s an online platform where readers can read new, fresh, off-beat, curated content in rare genres in the form of a book or in an episode-wise format. Anushka Shetty: anushka.shetty@penbound.com