“It becomes clear that the only winning proposition startups have to make is to meet customers expectations by 10X”

Does Starbucks sell coffee?

Do people walk into Starbucks just for that cup of coffee in different sizes or the food along with the coffee? The answer to that question for many maybe YES, but for a lot more it’s a NO. So why is Starbucks what it is? It’s about the ambiance, the culture, and the whole experience.

That’s just the customer side of the story. But now let’s talk about the business side of things and how 10X is the necessary condition.

New startups are born every hour thanks to the internet and enabling mobile technology. Competition is getting fierce on the internet as everybody is trying to grab customer attention. It becomes clear that the only winning proposition startups have to make is to meet customers expectations by 10X.

Basecamp has been at it for over 10 years. They have given back 10x of what they have earned. A simple to use product ( less is more itself is 10x. Paradoxically!) they have taught startups how to do business by meticulously documenting their own journey, publishing books on ways to succeed and by communicating effectively what matters in the long run of a business. Their whole product approach isn’t just the software Basecamp but the entire package of how to run a startup with Basecamp being a feature.

From global let us go local.Chai point was one such startup, they a dozen choices of tea. They delivered to the office. They packed it in a hot thermos. 10x experience in having the chai at the office after the lunch break. Chai and choices were one key offering but a long hot tea available when you need and wherever you are in the 10x offering chai point made.

At NSRCEL, we have been encouraging our startups to think about 10x since day one. One such company that stands out in this area is GoCrackIt. Suhruta and Alok are not just providing career advisory services but building an entire ecosystem to make students and professionals successful.Be its preparation material, mentoring sessions, mock interviews and a lot more.

Come to NSRCEL and let us help you figure how to win!

Author: Hrishikesh Kulkarni

Rishi (Hrishikesh Kulkarni), as he likes to be addressed is a mentor at NSRCEL. His association with NSRCEL has been since his company TurtleYogi was incubated with us. He sold his company 1Click to Freshdesk in 2015

Image source: yourstory.com


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