Fullstack Developer

Organisation Name– MedPiper Technologies
About the Organisation– MedPiper is a platform that verified healthcare professionals, to helps them track job alerts, industry updates, research trends and more
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Job Title– Fullstack Developer
Job Type– Full Time
Job Description-. You would be leading a very pivotal role within the tech team at MedPiper where you would be responsible for all the ongoing and new product-related initiatives. You would be the founding team and an individual contributor to the app development POD.

Key Skills/Abilities/Knowledge required-
Experience :

  • 2 years of minimum experience on JS/ES6 (Object Oriented)
  • 2 years of minimum experience on ReactJs, HTML, CSS
  • 1-year minimum experience on BootStrap/Material UI

Good to have:

  • Knowledge of JSON/XML
  • Knowledge of SASS, JSS, Radium
  • Knowledge of Webpack, Build System
  • Knowledge of Angular, Vue, JS Frameworks
  • Knowledge of Web Fundamentals, Browser Working, REST API
  • Knowledge of testing frameworks like Mocha/Jest
  • Exposure on Server Side Scripting/ NextJs / PHP
  • Exposure on NodeJs with Express
  • Exposure on UX best practices, Web Accessibility

Excellent to have :

  • Experience on PWA, ServiceWorkers, SSE, WebSockets
  • State Management like Redux
  • Any exposure on ReactNative
  • Exposure on DS/Algo fundamentals
  • HTML5 latest APIs

Additional Comments-You are passionate, a strong technical contributor, and an emerging leader. You have a proven track record of creating reliable, scalable, and high-performance products, building large-scale distributed systems.
Academic Qualifications– 2+ Years of experience with Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Computer Science, Math, or related technical domain
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