Since 2002, We have been working with entrepreneurs. NSRCEL is an open incubator that is designed to work with early-stage founders. We have seen startups with an idea on a PowerPoint to ventures with early revenue come and work with us.

If you are working on deep technology to selling candy we would love to hear from you.

Founders can follow the below template:
Slide 1: Founder names and profile in detail.
Slide 2: What Is The Pain Point That You Are Addressing?
Slide 3: What Is Your Value Proposition?
Slide 4: What is your solution? (Share prototype info, if any)
Slide 5: How Would You Explain Your Ability To Build This Venture?
Slide 6: What Help You Are Seeking From NSRCEL? (Except Funding)

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Your Application Will Be Considered Only If The Presentation Follows The Above Format/Template.

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