Program Highlights

Entrepreneurs will enhance their business knowledge in all aspects of running a business including accounting and finance, operations and IT, marketing and strategy, leadership and soft skills, and networking. In response to COVID, the training will be delivered online and will consist of 25 days of online sessions in 3 modules. All the sessions will be delivered by IIMB's eminent faculty and guest lecturers, using a combination of proven concepts, local examples specific to current scenario and case studies. The sessions will enable to apply the learnings and reimagine your venture for the post pandemic period. You will also engage in growth groups to build valuable networks with entrepreneurs from all over India as well as upskill through shared challenges and experiences in course of peer learning.

Mentoring is a crucial aspect of the Program that enables you to apply your leanings from the program optimally while addressing other challenges of your ventures. The industry experts and professionals from diverse industries provide valuable insight about your venture and guide you in building your Business Growth Plan. You will be mentored by experts in your related field

The entrepreneurs that successfully complete the online Program will be selected for the Bootcamp to be organized at IIMB campus once it is safer for all to congregate and network. The Bootcamp will further amplify your learnings from the Program by incorporating interactive components of core subjects. The Bootcamp is also an opportunity for entrepreneurs to experience the ecosystem and connect with entrepreneurs, startups, mentors and academicians.

Participants of the Program will continue to receive support after Program completion as well through masterclasses, panel discussions, workshops and other engagements. The participants will also be able to monitor and track their growth after completion through Monitoring and Evaluation component. The detailed surveys will be conducted when participants start the program, 6 months after program completion, 18 months after program completion, and then 30 months after program completion, to measure the business growth performance of the women entrepreneurs, in terms of revenue growth, employment generation, business growth plan execution, new initiatives launched, and so on. This enables women entrepreneurs to review their business against objective parameters and self-defined goals. It also provides a true index of the success of the initiative. The workshops and other engagements will be conducted virtually during the pandemic till it is safer for all to congregate and network.

The participants will not be charged any course fee for the Program. The program is supported by Goldman Sachs.

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