Program Highlights

Participants will be attending 15 days of classroom sessions on major aspects of running a business including opportunity identification, finance and accounting, marketing, operations, leadership & branding, networking & interpersonal skills. Certain topics will be taken up by esteemed guest lecturers.

Women Entrepreneurs will benefit from IIM Bangalore’s network of business mentors and advisors. They will receive inputs from professionals and industry experts to solve the challenges faced by their ventures. The teachings of the classroom are shaped to be effectively executed as business decisions and processes in these mentoring sessions.

The Business Growth Plan will be an integration of the learning from the classroom sessions and inputs of mentors. Interns of premier institutes including IIM Bangalore will also assist the entrepreneurs in course of developing the growth plan which will act as a blueprint for the next few years. The plan serves as a formal document to track and drive business growth.

Detailed follow-up surveys will be conducted 6, 12, and 30 months after completion of the program to track the business growth performance of the women entrepreneurs, in terms of revenue growth, employment generation, business growth plan execution, new initiatives launched, and so on. This enables women entrepreneurs to review their business against objective parameters and self-defined goals. It also provides an realistic index of the success of the initiative.

The women entrepreneurs will continuously guided by NSRCEL even after the completion of the program. Mentoring support will be extended to the participants to identify new challenges with new implementations. Participants will also be invited for theme-based offline and online workshops that they can benefit from.

The participants will not be charged any course fee for the Program. 10,000 Women is a completely sponsored Program by Goldman Sachs.

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