NSRCEL organizes a variety of events for entrepreneurs. Our events focus on entrepreneurial education, capacity building and fostering collaborative conversation among stake-holders in the business eco-system. All our events are free and most are open to all with prior registration.

4Startups: Innovation For Startups

Speaker: Padma Shri Kiran Karnik What it takes to being innovative or inventive? What are the roles that an individual, society, organizations, governments, cities, states and countries play in building those sustainable models? What are the pros and cons of doing the same? What are the parameters that one should and must consider while innovating? How those markets can be capitalized? These are some of the questions that any entrepreneur will face in their lifetime while they’re trying to establish a new venture of their own.
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IIMB Auditorium, NSRCEL

Think Global – International Markets for...

Why remain local when you can go global? Meet experts and officials from different countries who will explain the pathway to go global in this edition of ForStartups..
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Indian Institute of Management , Bangalore

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